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Actress and Voice Over Artist

About Me

A love for Fairy Tales and Black and White films.

When I started in the industry, reading and watching films came together with film dubbing and I was fortunate to learn from the best. Mr Mario Maldesi was my mentor and I treasure all the teachings that he would do whilst directing film dubbing sessions. I worked for him as a director's assistant until he decided I was ready to start dubbing. My first film, actually my first line was, Soldato la neve è calda, soldato il ghiaccio è tiepido in "Dreams", by Akiro Kurosawa.

I was born in Libya, Benghazi to be precise, a place full of sunshine; my family history is very interesting to me, and I have written and performed on stage with my one woman monologue "The Godmother's Legacy". 

I have acted in numerous short films, corporate videos and adverts. In more recent years, whilst raising twin girls, who are now 11, I have written and produced few short films, two of which I submitted to festivals and received some awards - more about this in the links on this page. 

I also like to support fellow artists and filmmakers; I have recorded Lavinia Capogna's poems, that you can find in the relevant links; a collaboration that began over 20 years ago, when I dubbed in her film "La lampada di Wood".  Lavinia is now affected by a long term illness and this is a way for her to publish her poems and her essays and communicate with the world. 


Mother's Womb is a short I made with my sister during Covid at our family home in Rome. This poster was a painting by a family friend, the artist and restorer Fausto Curti.

From a simple idea based on a real event, I wrote and produced this little short that was well received at some films festivals.

It won Best Editing at MP Film Awards and at Red Wood Film Festival.

It won Best Film at DMOFF and 

received a Special Mention at Funny Women Awards.

This is the first short I wrote and produced. It was directed by Doug Duncan and co-stars were Antonio Mancino and Stelianour Sani.

I hardly promoted this short, but when I did it won Best Screenplay at MP Film Awards.

These are two of my audiobooks available on Audible.

Artistic Collaborations

I collaborate with writer/poet/director Lavinia Capogna and record her poems and other scripts. 

This is an extract from Il ragazzo senza nome, a novel by Lavinia Capogna.

La lampada di Wood, a film my Lavinia Capogna, where I dubbed the role of Sophie Renoir.

I also record poems for L'isola della poesia, you can find more at this link.

Vieni, by Saffo and  Se non avessi visto il sole by Emily Dickinson

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